Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My camera SuXs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My camera is on the fritz. Actually
I don't know if it's the camera or
memory card. Also my computer
keeps saying Low Disk Space. Any
one know what that means? Well
anyway I said all that to say this
I will not be posting videos or pics
for a while until I get this resolved.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hot Pink PepperGard!

Crime is on the Rise! Especially against
women. Now ladies wouldn't you feel
safer if you had this little Hot Pink #
on your person? I know I would. It's
always something the news about some
creep attacking someone. Take this tra-
gedy as an example...............................:

SARASOTA - The husband and father of Denise Lee saw the man who is accused of killing her for the first time on Wednesday, during pretrial motion hearings in a capital case that has garnered national attention.

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Denise Lee

The 12th Circuit courthouse on Ringling Boulevard is preparing for an onslaught of media and onlookers at the Aug. 17 trial. Those attending Wednesday's hearing had to pass through a second metal detector before entering the courtroom and leave cell phones with deputies. In addition, five Sarasota County sheriff's deputies were on hand to guard Michael King and keep order. King, 38, is charged with the January 2008 abduction and murder of Lee, a 21-year-old mother from North Port.

"I'm just glad I got it over with," Nathan Lee said of finally seeing the man charged with abducting his wife, shooting her and burying her in a shallow grave.

Meanwhile, King's attorney sought to get the trial moved out of Sarasota County,

Defense attorney Carolyn Schlemmer cited a survey of residents who had learned about the crime through news reports.

"When you read it, it is particularly disturbing," she said of comments regarding King.

Judge Deno Economou said that if a fair and impartial jury could not be found in Sarasota, he could decide to move the case.

But for now, the case is moving forward in Sarasota, and Lee's family will likely be in the courtroom for all of it.

Economou ruled that despite a lack of space, the court will make provisions for Lee's family to be in the courtroom and not view the trial from an overflow room.

That presented an immediate problem, because the jury pool of 100 would fill the gallery.

"We will have to make arrangement," Economou said of the Lee family's request to sit in the courtroom as the trial starts and the gallery is filled with potential jurors who should not have contact with the family. "Perhaps they will sit in the jury box."

King entered the courtroom clean-shaven in a yellow prison jumpsuit, orange sandals and short hair.

Also Wednesday, Economou ruled that police were justified in breaking into King's North Port home without a warrant on Jan. 17, 2008 after Denise Lee made a 911 call from King's phone. Police saw evidence of an abduction in the Sardinia Avenue house and later got a search warrant, collecting duct tape with long hair attached to it prosecutors believe was used in the abduction.

I wish that she had something like this
to protect herself from this creep. It
may have saved her life.
R.I.P Denise Amber Lee.

Article provided by:
The Heraldtribune.com

If you'd like more info on
the Hot Pink PepperGuard
shoot me a email@:

I posted this on my other blog
so i just had to share with you
guys. Every woman needs to
feel safe!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Lipstick!!!!!!!!!!!

Lipstick Pepper spray
that is! Aren't they
cute? I thought you
guys would get a kick
outta these little guys.

Check the description
LipStick Pepper Spray
is 10% pepper spray
designed for women.
This attractive lip
stick case is sure to
deceive and ward off
potential attackers. I
like this part it's funny.

Pretend you need to fres-
hen your lipstick and
POW! This 1/2 oz.
canister contains 20
half-second sprays
with a range of 10
feet and is available
in 5 colors.


I thought these
were too cute I
just had to share.

For more info on
these lil cuties drop
me an email@ www


Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Claires Mini Haul!

Good afternoon Bloggers!!!!!!!!!
Well I'm back again with another mini haul:)
I told you guys I needed an intervention. Well
here goes lol. Check out this Haul I got from
Claire's a couple of weeks ago. I added
2 pics so that you can see that cute eyeshadow
case open and closed. I have a few Jolly
Rancher Lotions. Watermelon and Cherry
and one Bubble Yum Lip Glosses.
I would list all the names and flavors but I'm
pressed for time. Oh before I forget I got all
on this on clearance except for the Eye Shadows.
I paid about $15.00. That's very cheap for Claire's.

Well that's my Haul!!!