Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Claires Mini Haul!

Good afternoon Bloggers!!!!!!!!!
Well I'm back again with another mini haul:)
I told you guys I needed an intervention. Well
here goes lol. Check out this Haul I got from
Claire's a couple of weeks ago. I added
2 pics so that you can see that cute eyeshadow
case open and closed. I have a few Jolly
Rancher Lotions. Watermelon and Cherry
and one Bubble Yum Lip Glosses.
I would list all the names and flavors but I'm
pressed for time. Oh before I forget I got all
on this on clearance except for the Eye Shadows.
I paid about $15.00. That's very cheap for Claire's.

Well that's my Haul!!!

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